by Swapnil Bhartiya

Red Hat brings OpenShift to Google Cloud Platform

Dec 08, 2016
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OpenShift Dedicated is now available on two out of three major cloud infrastructure providers.

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated is already available on AWS, and its arrival on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) leaves only one major cloud infrastructure provider out: Microsoft Azure. And I am certain Azure will be supported sooner or later.

With OpenShift Dedicated, Red Hat manages administrative and operational management tasks for customers, freeing them to focus on the development and deployment of their own applications.

According to Red Hat, OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Platform includes:

Single-tenant isolation and a resource pool of 100GB SSD-based persistent storage, 48TB network iops, and nine nodes to deploy container-based applications.
Administrative and security controls, enabling customers to customize and more securely access their cloud environments using VPN and Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) functions.
Access to Red Hat JBoss Middleware container-optimized services, integration and business process capabilities from applications developed and deployed on OpenShift.
Availability across all six worldwide Google regions.
Integration with Google Cloud services, including Google Cloud PubSub, Google Big Query, and Google Cloud Big Table.

OpenShift Dedicated is built on the same code base as Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, which is based on open source technologies like Kubernetes and Docker. What’s interesting is that Kubernetes is an open source project by Google that is a kind of implementation of Borg, a cluster management solution that Google internally uses to run its own infrastructure. Red Hat is the second leading corporate contributor to the upstream Kubernetes open source project. Containers are also core to Google’s own services as most of them, including Gmail, run as containers.

Now customers can have a Google-like infrastructure on top of Google’s own cloud platform using products like OpenShift Dedicated. The cherry on top is that customers can also use Google’s ecosystem of data analytics, machine learning, compute, network, and storage services.

However, that doesn’t mean customers have to use Google products. Sathish Balakrishnan, head of OpenShift Online and OpenShift Dedicated said, “As with every cloud provider, the customer can choose to integrate the services that the cloud provider provides with OpenShift Dedicated.”

OpenShift provides a number of consumption models. OpenShift Online is a multi-tenant cloud offering. OpenShift Container Platform is a self-managed platform that customers can run on-premise or on the cloud, and OpenShift Dedicated is a single tenant cloud offering available on AWS and Google Cloud Platform(GCP). With OpenShift Dedicated now on GCP, we are giving customers more choice to consume OpenShift Dedicated on multiple cloud providers.

OpenShift Dedicated was initially introduced in 2015. OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Platform is now available for users with a valid Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform subscription.