by Martha Heller

CIO Career Coach: 3 tips for job offer negotiations (video)

Dec 13, 2016

In this video, CIO recruiter Martha Heller shares advice on how to negotiate compensation and other aspects of a job offer.

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Welcome to episode No. 8 of “CIO Career Coach,” a video collaboration between Heller Search Associates, and, the video division of CIO’s parent company, IDG.

This first season of “CIO Career Coach” focuses how to run the most effective and successful job search. Whether you are a CIO, CTO, CISO, a vice president, a director in the IT organization, or you aspire to one of these roles, the advice in these videos will help you land your next great job as a technology professional.

If you watched any of the first seven episodes, you learned something about creating a professional brand, writing a resume, leveraging your contact network, or acing a job interview.

If you since received a job offer, congratulations! All of your hard work has paid off. Now it’s time to negotiate, which is the subject of this episode of CIO Career Coach.

As an IT executive, you are probably not new to negotiations. You’ve worked with vendors for years, and contract negotiation is likely one of your strong suits. The goal of this video is not to educate you on the principles of negotiation but to provide a few pointers specifically about employment agreements.