6 Tips to Conquer Facebook Timeline

From privacy settings to customization and more, here are six tips to set you on the right path with Facebook Timeline.

Facebook Timeline: Your New Profile

Facebook's new profile design, which it calls Timeline, has received mixed reviews from its users: Some like it for the more graphic interface while others prefer the old, streamlined design. Regardless of your preference, Timeline is here to stay. If you haven't switched yet, Facebook will do so for you imminently.

Here's a look at the most important parts of Timeline, how to manage privacy settings of your old posts and more.

Your Complete Guide to Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline: Getting Started

If you haven't made the switch to Timeline, here's how to do so now. Or, you can wait until Facebook does so for you. Once you have Timeline, you get one week to make any changes you want before your new profile goes live.

Facebook Timeline Becomes Mandatory

Facebook Timeline: New Features

From new privacy controls to adding past events, here's a rundown of Timeline's new features.

5 Facebook Timeline Changes You Can't Wait to Make

How to Navigate Timeline

Facebook Timeline makes it easy to view old posts, from as far back as the day you joined. Here's how to revisit them.

3 Things You'll Hate About Facebook's Timeline

How to Customize Your Facebook Timeline

You can emphasize important posts—such as the birth of a child—and hide ones you no longer want anyone to see. Here's how to do that.

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How to Adjust Your Privacy Settings

If you don't want your Facebook friends to find posts on your Timeline from years ago, here are three privacy options you have.

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Facebook Timeline Apps

Don't want to broadcast your listening or reading activity to your Facebook friends? Here's how to make sure it's kept private.

4 Facebook Tips to Cut News Feed Noise

Facebook Timeline Apps: Beware What You Share

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