by Jessica Naziri

Holiday gift guide for the techie female in your life

Dec 14, 2016
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Here are some great tech products and gadgets for a colleague, boss, intern or even your mom.

Finding the perfect gift is never easy, especially for the female in your life. It doesn’t matter whether she’s your colleague, boss, intern or even your own mom. Shopping for women who already have everything is daunting. Thankfully, this has been quite a year in tech. From classic, to glam, to edgy, some of your favorite brands are offering more accessories that are a whole lot “smarter”. Google launched their new AI-powered Home speaker, Apple released their updated Series 2 smartwatch, and even Snapchat has jumped into gadgets.

I’ve sorted through the newest technology products to find something fitting for the gadget-savvy female in your life. Now you can tech the halls this holiday season with these cutting-edge gadgets.

gift guide Jessica Naziri

1. Kate Spade mother of pearl scallop bangle activity tracker $128

Fitness wearables are looking a lot less like fitness devices and a lot more like jewelry these days. Case in point, the Kate Spade mother-of-pearl activity tracker which looks just like a bangle, but it also tracks exercise and other fitness goals like water consumption, too. Kate Spade does battery life right, one of the best parts is that it doesn’t have to be plugged in every night; it relies on a coin-cell battery.

2. HiMirror: $189

These days almost everything is smart–even mirrors. The HiMirror is a smart bathroom mirror that provides a personalized beauty and health analysis and consultation in as easy as a wave of a hand. Through its intuitive, touch-free design, the HiMirror offers beauty and health conscious techies an in-depth, personalized skincare analysis and product recommendations based not only on the evolving condition of her skin, but also the weather. The system uses facial recognition and underlying technology to track and log skin firmness, texture, clarity, brightness and health over the course of hours and days.

3. Nixplay Iris 8 inch frame Wi-Fi Cloud Frame: $199

The holidays are a time that families come together and share memories. So why not upgrade a memory to the digital age with a digital photo frame? With the Nixplay Iris WiFi Cloud Frames and app, the techie in your life can easily share photos with the family with a touch of a button for an instant display. The frames are designed to fit any home environment and are the perfect combination of sophisticated design with cutting-edge technology.

4. Dyson Supersonic blow dryer:  $399

This is the holy grail of blow dryers and a game changer for those who blow dry their hair often. The Supersonic keeps the temperature of the hairdryer under control, preventing extreme heat damage to maintain the hairs natural glow. The high-tech device also dries hair faster than the average hair dryer, according to Dyson. Another great feature, it won’t cause an arm ache in the process thanks to its lightweight nature of 1.8 pounds.

5. CMRA: $199

A camera is only valuable when it’s ready to capture. But having a high definition camera right on your wrist makes it faster and easier than ever to instantly capture and share. CMRA is a smartband for Apple Watch that incorporates a dual-camera. The band has the same camera capabilities as a smartphone—a self-facing camera for photos and video chat and an outward-facing camera. Photos and video sync with the iPhone’s photo gallery, and can be shared directly from the Watch or from the smartphone. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

6. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera: $69

This year, give the gift of a non-digital selfie with Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 instant film camera. Though the snaps may not come with any likes or reposts, the camera’s retro feel and instant satisfaction is sure to delight the social media obsessive techie in your life.

7. QBracelet: $149

The QBracelet combines luxury fashion with high tech design and functionality. This sleek bracelet doubles up as a phone charge so now you’re phone will never die again. The QBracelet connects to your iPhone via a built-in Apple Lightning connector and provides up to an extra 50% charge. This is great gift especially for those who travel a lot and don’t carry their charger on them.

8. Dagne Dover Charlie Tote: From $245

A handbag is a black hole. Help the techie in your life stay organized and shed some light with the Dagne Dover handbag. This is for the person who needs all her chargers, cables and laptop to fit in one bag. The bags is coated canvas so it’s extremely durable and us equipped with tech-friendly compartments for iPad/iPhone/other tech accessories. The Charlie Tote, is one of its larger bags and has a deeper interior and plenty of compartments to hold more than a day’s worth of essentials.

9) Rayden: $495

We all have a friend who travels frequently for work (and maybe even you?). The Rayden is stylish metallic luggage with a built-in charger and connects to an iOs app, which lets you know how much your bag weighs, the average TSA wait times, the traffic en route, and the weather conditions. It also tracks your bag’s location using Bluetooth technology, so you can know once you’ve landed that it made the trip, too. Maybe now it will make her look forward to packing?

10. ZENTA bracelet from Vinaya:  $195

ZENTA is a wearable for your wrist that not only looks good  on your arm, but also does good to your body. But it’s not designed to be a next gen fitness band – the ZENTA more concerned with your emotions.The bracelet tracks a number of bodily diagnostics from stress, your heart rate and sleeping patterns. . You can get it as a bracelet or a necklace for the techie in your life in several colors and gems.