2012 Tech Startups to Watch Product Sampler

Enterprise search, mobile browsing, cloud services grab big venture bucks and early adopters.

As a complement to our article on "9 Tech Startups to Watch in 2012," here’s a look at some of those companies' product offerings in areas such as cloud computing and mobile browsing.

CloudBees Platform

This is a platform as a service for cloud application developers that covers them for the entire life cycle of their application, from building to testing code to trying out different user interfaces. CloudBees founder and CEO Sacha Labourey describes the PaaS as a "one-stop shop" for developers to gain access to servers for installing code, tools for building code, and UI testing tools to ensure applications run on PCs, Macs, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, as well as other operating systems and browsers.

Goshido Platform

Goshido is a cloud platform that's designed to help enterprise users better organize and deal with the email deluge and spend more time doing actual work. The platform essentially divides messages received into one of two different "concepts": Actions and updates. Additionally, you can add people you email frequently to a folder where their messages can easily be accessed.  This is useful because it means you'll be able to find all of the emails that key contacts have sent you on a given day, say updating you on assignments, without wading through the thousands of emails sent from the masses. It costs $10 per user per month.

MoboTap's Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is making a name for itself as one of the top free browsers that's been designed exclusively for mobile devices. Among other things, the browser implements tabs on mobile devices (a feature the native Android browser lacks) and implements a simple system that gives you access to your bookmarks by swiping left-to-right on the browser. A right-to-left swipe, meanwhile, gives you quick access to assorted browser add-ons. The Version 7.3 beta of Dolphin rolled out at the end of 2011.

OpDemand Template Library

OpDemand's library features several different templates to help customers build their own cloud-based services and applications, including infrastructure services, databases, MySQL and Wordpress apps. Gabriel Monroy, OpDemand's co-founder and CTO, says that users should think of OpDemand as a provider that gives them more control over their underlying infrastructure than typical platform-as-a-service vendors. OpDemand is currently in public beta, and available for free. It is slated for release in the first quarter. 

Typesafe Stack

The Typesafe software stack was designed to help developers create applications that can effectively scale in a world where machines now have multicore processors and where applications now have to run on thousands of computers and on public clouds. The Typesafe software stack uses the open-source Scala programming language at its core while using the Akka platform for its middleware framework that plays a similar role to traditional Java middleware.  While the stack is open-source, Typesafe will provide commercial support and maintenance for users if they pay a subscription fee.

Xamarin's Monotouch and Mono for Android

Xamarin has created a development kit, known as MonoTouch on iOS and just Mono on Android, that lets users write applications in C# language using the .Net Framework while also providing access to thousands of native iOS and Android APIs and support for rich integrated development environments (IDE). So far the kit has been used to develop several high-profile mobile apps and games, including Chillingo's Zombie Party for iPad, Tibco's Spotfire and Rumination Software's CRUX Crosswords. Xamarin's development kit is available on the Android Market and the Apple App Store and costs $400 for the Professional edition, $1,000 for the Enterprise edition and $2,500 for the Enterprise Priority edition.

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