12 Available Devices to Test Drive Windows 8

Some of the devices Microsoft is using in its Windows 8 development lab

While there’s a lot of talk about touchscreen devices to show off Windows 8 to its best advantage, none is for sale yet built to Microsoft specifications. The company only handed out a limited run of a Samsung Windows 8 Developer Preview touchscreen PCs to key developers. However, here are a dozen off-the-shelf devices that Microsoft says it uses in its labs to put Windows 8 through its paces. For comparison, here are the specs on the Samsung prototype handed out to select developers: Intel Core 1.6GHz i5 processor, 4GB DDR3, 64GB SSD, 11.6-inch diagonal screen, Samsung Super PLS 1366 x 768 display. (The prototype scored 4.3 on Microsoft’s Windows Experience Index which ranks hardware up to a top score of 5.9.)

HP Elitebook 2740p

Announced: March 2010

Processor: Intel Core i7 and Core i5

Memory: 8GB of DDR3 Disk: 320GB HDD or 160GB SSD.

Display: 12.1-inch screen, 1,280 x 800 resolution

Also from HP in Microsoft’s labs: HP TouchSmart_IQ526t, HP Compaq L2105TM, HP EliteBook 2740P, HP Mini 5102, HP Pavilion_tx2000, HP Pavillion DV3T-2000, HP Tablet 500, HP TouchSmart 610, HP TouchSmart IQ500, HP TouchSmart TX2Z

ASUS EP121 tablet

Announced: January 2011

Processor: Intel Core i5-470UM

Memory: 2GB or 4GB DDR Disk: 32GB solid state drive

Display: 12.1-inch with 1280x800 resolution

Also from ASUS in Microsoft’s labs: ASUS EP 121, ASUS TCA70

Dell Inspiron Duo convertible

Introduced: November 2010

Processor: Intel 1.50GHz Atom N550

Memory: 2GB DDR3

Disk: 320GB

HDD Display: 10.1-inch screen with 1366 x 768 resolution

Also from Dell in Microsoft’s labs: Dell ST2220Tc, Dell Studio 1747, Dell SX2210T, Dell Studio One, Dell Inspiron 2305, Dell Inspiron One 2305, Dell Latitude E6420, Dell Latitude XT, Dell ST2220T

Lenovo x201, x220t convertible

Introduced: February 2010

Processor: Intel Core i5

Memory: 4GBDDR2

Disk: 320GB HDD

Display: 12-inch screen with 1280 x 800 resolution

Also from Lenovo in Microsoft’s Labs: Lenovo ThinkPad X220T, Lenovo ThinkPad X201T, Lenovo C320, Lenovo S10-3T, Lenovo ThinkPad T410S, Lenovo ThinkPad_X60,

Acer Aspire 1420p

Introduced: November 2009

Processor: Intel Celeron

Memory: 2GB DDR3

Disk: 250GB HDD

Display: 11.6-inch screen with 1366 x 768 resolution

Also from Acer in Microsoft’s labs: Acer Aspire 1825PT, Acer Aspire 5738PG, Acer Aspire Z5610, Acer Iconia, Acer T230H, Acer W500.


Introduced: December 2011

Processor: Intel Atom Pineview-M 

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Disk: 64GB SSD

Display: 11.6 inch screen with 1366 x 768 resolution

Fujitsu Lifebook T4310

Introduced: August 2011

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo

Memory: 4.0 MB RAM

Disk: 320 GB HDD

Display: 12.1-inch display with 1280 x 800 resolution

Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A

Introduced: September 2011

Processor: Intel Core i5

Memory: 4 GB DDR3

Disk: 64 GB SSD

Display: 11.6-inch screen with 1366 x 768 resolution

Sony Vaio J Series

Introduced: June 2010

Processor: Intel Core i7

Memory: 6GB RAM

Disk: 500GB HDD

Display: 21.5-inch screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution

Also from Sony in the Microsoft labs: Sony Vaio L Series

Toshiba Portege_M700

Introduced: December 2007

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo

Memory: 4GB DDR2 SDRAM

Disk: 160GB hard drive

Display: 12.1-inch screen with 1280 x 800 resolution

Also from Toshiba in Microsoft labs: Toshiba Sattellite Har/Kar

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