How a dose of AI could be the cure for hospital EHR cyberattacks in 2017

We are all sick (literally) and tired of the endless rounds of 'catch the data thief' playing at a hospital near you. Since these hospital attacks begin in 2014, they seem to get worse each year. Now industry pundits are indicating that 2017 will be the worst year yet. Santa might have to turn in his sleigh for an EMS truck, but not one loaded with security solutions that are better left on the Island of Misfit Toys.
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Santosh Varughese brings more than 30 years of leadership experience building companies into profitable, high-value enterprises. His passion and spirit for innovation have led to his involvement in various startups in fields ranging from global product licensing and distribution, advertising agencies, brick & mortar operations and online ventures such as The Advisory Board.

Santosh’s interests include healthcare and education, among other industries, which help hospital and education executives avoid cyber attacks and data theft. He advocates exploring technologies and innovations that combine the art and science of machine learning and artificial intelligence to address data breaches and privacy violations that affect hundreds of millions of Americans.

He began his career with Royal Dutch Shell designing high-speed fiber optic communications between Cray Supercomputer and IBM mainframes. His next venture led him to Procter & Gamble in International Marketing for Pampers and Luvs in Switzerland, then Germany, to Singapore, and finally, Saudi Arabia.

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