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10 most popular hybrid tablet stories of 2016

Dec 29, 2016
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Every year technology gets more sophisticated and that couldn't be more true for hybrid tablets in 2016. These multipurpose devices range in form factor, performance and price. Here are the 10 most-read tablet articles from 2016.

Last year was an exciting one for hybrid tablets, and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 now has plenty of worthy competition. With a new range of iOS tablets and hybrids to choose from, and seemingly limitless options for Windows 10 convertible tablets, there was a tablet device to suit anyone in 2016. Consumers and manufacturers alike are finally embracing hybrid designs, and whether you’re an Apple, Android or Windows fan. Here are 10 stories that look at some of the best hardware we saw this year.

5 reasons a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 can replace your laptop

The Galaxy Tab S2 not only brings worthy competition to the iPad Air 2, but with an available keyboard that includes a built-in track pad, it might even be the device that replaces your laptop. Find out if this tablet offers enough performance and functionality to handle your average workday.

Enterprise tablet wars: Galaxy TabPro S vs. Surface Pro 4

It seems every tech company has a hybrid tablet offering, but the Galaxy Tab Pro S made waves when it was released – it was the first-time Samsung went with Windows 10 in a tablet, instead of Android. This article pits the Tab Pro S against the Surface Pro 4 to see which Windows 10 device offers the most features for enterprise users.

iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 for business supremacy

The iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 are two of the most powerful hybrid devices on the market, and each offers its own set of unique features. But when you stack the two against one another, which one comes out on top for business users?

7 inexpensive Surface pro 4 alternatives

The Surface Pro 4 is a great hybrid device, but starting at $899, it can be a bit steep for some shoppers. Here are 7 great alternatives to the Surface Pro 4 that will give you the same flexibility, without breaking the budget.

8 reasons to choose the iPad Pro over a MacBook

The iPad Pro comes with a keyboard and the Apple Pencil, which might just be enough for you to finally ditch your MacBook. Here are eight great reasons why you should ditch your MacBook and consider jumping on the hybrid-tablet bandwagon.

Macbook Pro vs Surface Book i7

Apple and Microsoft both debuted top-of-the-line, premium notebooks that boast some impressive specs. In this article, we pit the Surface Book i7 and MacBook Pro with Touch Bar against one another to see which one offers the best features and performance for the price.

Huawei Matebook vs. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 in a tablet showdown

Huawei still flies under the radar in America, but in other regions they’re considered one of the top smartphone manufacturers. And now they’re getting in on the hybrid tablet game with the Huawei Matebook. But can it compete with the well-established Microsoft Surface Pro 4?

Is the speedy Surface Book i7 too expensive for IT?

Microsoft’s latest addition to the Surface lineup, the Surface Book i7 with Performance Base, takes everything that is great about the first Surface Book and makes it better. But with a high price tag to go with its impressive specs, is the device too costly for the enterprise?

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S: An enterprise contender?

Samsung made headlines after releasing the Galaxy Tab Pro S – it was the first time the company ditched Android for Windows 10. The result is a high-end device that looks a lot like the iPad Pro, but offers a completely different user experience.

Comparing 7 top enterprise tablets

Consumers typically want different features from their devices than business users, but hybrid tablets combine entertainment and productivity into one device. Here are seven great hybrid devices that will fit any business user’s needs, without sacrificing on fun.

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