Do You Suffer From Facebook Fatigue?

A new report finds that more people are taking a vacation from Facebook and consciously spending less time on the site. Are you burned out?


Last summer I wrote about a handful of my friends who dumped Facebook, a step many thought was drastic: We were among the first adopters of the social network, and—whether we like it or not—it's become a mainstay of our generation.

One of my friends gave up Facebook for Lent. Time away from it helped her realize just how much time she was spending wasting on the site. She also acknowledged the pressure she felt to constantly post "cool things" and prove that her life was great.

Another friend left Facebook when she was job hunting, worried her Facebook profile could limit her potential as a candidate. This friend, too, realized how much of a time sink it had become and has quit the social network indefinitely.

Both those situations echo what a new report from the Pew Research Center has found: Sixty-one percent of Facebook users say they are taking a voluntary break from the social network, while 27 percent say they plan to spend less time on the site this year.

Why? Reasons ranged from calling Facebook a waste of time to the stress associated with it surfacing drama, gossip, negativity and conflict. (You can read the full details of Pew Research’s Facebook report here.)

You're likely familiar with these types of Facebook users: The over-sharers, the political instigators, the overachievers who want you to make sure you know just how great life is for them. But has it ever become too much that you'd reallyconsider quitting?

A post from Business Insider says no: It lists 13 reasons you won't quit Facebook. Among them:

  • You'll forget friends' birthdays.
  • You won't take the time to send an email to 30 people with 40 photo attachments.
  • You won't have anywhere to turn when 140 characters won't suffice for expressing your opinion.
  • You haven't done so yet despite the arrival of the News Feed, Beacon and Graph Search, so you probably never will.

Have you experienced Facebook fatigue? If you took a Facebook vacation, what caused you to come back? Do you think you could ever really abandon the social network? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below or add a comment on our Facebook page (well, unless you are taking a vacation from it).

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