Protect All Your Gadgets with Easy-to-Apply Wrapsol Film

The Wrapsol is an easy-to-apply, clear film that provides drop and scratch protection for a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers and laptops.

If you’re in the market for a screen protector for your smartphone, tablet, e-reader or laptop, Wrapsol could be for you. Wrapsol is a protective film that can used on a variety of gadgets, and it's made from a non-yellowing, clear material that's coated with a clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive, according to its manufacturer.


The Wrapsol package includes a front screen protector and a back protective film.


The "Applicaion Handles" are easily torn off along perforated lines

In addition to providing protection from minor dings and scrathces, the Wrapsol film has shock-absorption properties to help reduce the impact of drops. And the Wrapsol material is used by Formula 1 motorsport teams to keep the carbon-fiber shells of race cars from splintering on impact, according to the manufacturer.

I installed the ultra-clear screen protector and back protective film on my new iPad, but I didn't specifically test its anti-scratch or drop-protection qualities. The company did put together a video to demonstrate these qualities, which I've posted below.

Installing the Wrapsol Protective Film

As someone who has not had much luck installing similar protective films on gadgets in the past, I was glad to learn that the Wrapsol comes with “application handles” to help align it for installation. These handles are located on the sides of the screen-protector film, and they're essentially perforated portions to help keep the actual protector free from fingerprints. They tear off when installation is complete. The application handles work as advertised, though I found them to be less effective when applying large protective films, such as the one for the iPad, than when applying smaller films for smartphones.

The film is permeable and releases air bubbles for a perfect finish over 24 hours, according to Wrapsol’s website. I was pleasantly surprised to find that a number of air bubbles caused by my repeated realignment of the film had disappeared after a couple of days. Unfortunately, any bubbles with dust trapped inside remained. But the vibrancy of my new iPad’s Retina display through the screen protector was stellar.

Unlike the dry application process of the front screen protector, the Wrapsol's back protective film requires the use of a spray-on application solvent. The process was still relavitely easy, though, and its matte finish was smooth and fingerprint resistant after the last of the liquid had dried. The thinness of the film means your Wrapsol-protected iPad or other device will probably still fit in most cases, though very tight cases could be a problem.


The air bubbles that resulted from my repeated adjustments of the screen protector.


This is what it looked like when I checked a couple of days later; most of the bubbles were gone.

Conclusion: Wrapsol Protective Film

The Wrapsol is also available in “Clean” and “Privacy” versions--the former incorporates properties that make it particularly resistant to fingerprints and smudges, and the latter blocks displays when they're viewed from an angle. The company’s products are available for a wide range of devices including the latest smartphones, tablets, e-readers and even laptops such as the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

In my experience, the Wrapsol is one of the easiest protective films to apply. The package that was sent to me included an Ultra screen protector and a back protector that would have cost $60 if purchased separately. The price drops to a more reasonable $40 when purchased as a bundle though, and it also includes free shipping. Overall, I am very pleased with the Wrapsop, and I'll be reluctant to remove it for my next screen-protector or case review.

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