Job Search: 10 Things That Annoy Job Seekers the Most

The following 10 frustrations that job seekers encounter during their searches make them want to scream. What annoyances would you add to this list?

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7. News of an improving job market. The market for IT jobs has been improving since the beginning of 2011. While job seekers are ultimately glad to hear that jobs are available, it does make it harder to bear when they can't get a job.

8. The question, How come you've been out of work so long? What bothers job seekers about this question is the implicit accusation that they're either not searching hard enough or that they're simply damaged goods. When recruiters and hiring managers ask job seekers who've been out of work for a year or more why they've been out of work so long, job seekers tell me that they want to fire back, "Are you aware that we've been in a global economic recession since 2008?"

9. Hiring managers who assume job seekers won't be happy taking a step down. I've talked with many IT job seekers who've been out of work for a year or more and who would gladly take a lower-level position to get back to work. They say they don't care that they would have to take a pay cut; they just want to work again. But employers are reluctant to hire them because hiring managers fear these professionals won't be satisfied in a lower-level role and will quickly hop to a higher-level, higher paying job. These job seekers would like to tell reluctant hiring managers, "You don't know what it's like to be unemployed for a length of time. Having a lower-level job and a smaller paycheck is a heck of a lot better than no job and no paycheck."

10. Needing to dumb down their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. IT executives have told me that they have had to dumb down their resumes to get jobs. One CIO who also has sales, marketing and operations experience told me that several recruiters told him to take his CIO work off of his resume so as not to scare away potential employers, who may see "CIO" and think "This person will spend too much money and be hard to manage."

When IT professionals are told to dumb down their resumes, a little part of them dies inside. After all, they take pride in their work and to not highlight the big projects on which they staked their careers or the thousands of dollars they saved previous employers seems counter-intuitive.

Job seekers: What other annoyances would you add to this list? Which one of these 10 annoyances bugs you the most?


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