SAP and Google Maps Team Up to Visualize Corporate Data

SAP and Google have announced a new partnership intended to help enterprises use Google Maps to better visualize their data. Here's how this partnership can help your business use its data even more effectively.

SAP and Google Maps have unveiled a new way to mingle maps and data to help enterprises get more useful information out of their terabytes of critical business records.

The idea is simple: By using SAP analytics applications that will be integrated with Google Maps APIs, enterprise users will be able to overlay the data over graphical map images to "see" valuable patterns and information that may not have been visible before, giving businesses new insights into customers, markets and more.

Using illustrations or maps to represent business data is certainly not new, but in the big scheme of things, data visualization is still in its infancy. This collaboration between SAP and Google represents the another evolutionary step toward the continuing consumerization of enterprise apps to make them more user-friendly.

The new analyses that are possible through the evolving merger of maps and data will allow users to drill down to find new patterns and business opportunities based on detailed information such as sales market figures from states, cities and even neighborhoods. Lots of previously unseen sales possibilities could be discovered and explored through creative analysis and fresh views of existing data.

Watch this YouTube video released by SAP and Google to illustrate the new features.

Here are other examples of how enterprises might use SAP apps that include Google Maps capabilities, according to the two companies:

*A telecom operator could use Google Earth and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer software to perform dropped-call analysis and pinpoint the geo-coordinates of faulty towers.

*A mortgage bank could perform risk assessment of its mortgage portfolio by overlaying foreclosure and default data with the location of loans on Google Maps.

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