An IT Industry Festivus Celebration: My Airing of Grievances

How tech vendors, CIOs, analysts and other assorted IT types have let me down during 2010.

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Infor. The midsize ERP challenger promoted a massive anti-"Big ERP" campaign (targeting SAP and Oracle) and then hired former Oracle President Charles Phillips as its CEO (who brought along more former Oracle execs with him) to grow Infor into a...wait for it...large ERP vendor.

Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud. No, cloud computing, I'm not disappointed with you. It's all of these really bad people doing bad stuff to your good name.

Workplace Productivity FUD Factories. Again, I'm disappointed with Challenger, Gray & Christmas's annual March Madness Productivity Drain report as well as this year's World Cup Cyberslacking warning (which just happened to come from a vendor that offers Internet monitoring services).

SAP. It raised the proverbial white flag to Oracle in an attempt to save itself, and SAP lost more than just $1.3 billion.

Mark Hurd. We'll never know what really happened with the former HP CEO's awkward departure (and arrival at Oracle), but it all just seems really shady.

Now, on to the Feats of Strength!

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