RIM Updates "BlackBerry Wallet" App for BlackBerry 6 Devices (v1.2)

A new version of RIM's BlackBerry Wallet app is now available for BlackBerry smartphones running the BlackBerry 6 mobile OS.

It's been more than two years since I've written anything about Research In Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry Wallet mobile application, which is meant to store and protect on-device financial information such as credit card numbers, gift card digits and other sensitive information from prying eyes.

BlackBerry Wallet v1.0.1.32 (left) and v1.2.0.44 (right)
BlackBerry Wallet v1.0.1.32 (left) and v1.2.0.44 (right)

But it looks as though RIM may soon ramp up its promotional efforts for the app, since it released a brand new, revamped version of BlackBerry Wallet for its latest mobile OS, BlackBerry 6.

The BlackBerry Wallet functionality in the new version, v1.2.0.44 for BlackBerry 6, seems to be much the same as the version available for older smartphones running BlackBerry OS 5.0, v1.0.1.32. But the app's look and feel is much more polished and "BlackBerry-6-like."

A few new, minor features have also been added. For example, you can now use an on-screen search bar to quickly locate BlackBerry Wallet listings, so you don't need to navigate through the app to find them. And a new "Other Items" listing lets you create your own "categories" within the app, in addition to the default listings like "Credit Cards," "Gift Cards," "Loyalty Cards," etc.

Unfortunately, RIM has already identified a few issues with the latest BlackBerry Wallet build. Specifically, information already entered into BlackBerry Wallet v1.0.1 does not restore after an upgrade to v1.2. And BlackBerry Torch users could have trouble accessing the app via the BlackBerry Browser's menu while surfing a website; the app is meant to be easily accessible while navigating the Web, so you can quickly and easily insert financial information into the necessary fields during an online purchase, for instance.

BlackBerry Wallet can also supposedly populate the appropriate fields with your financial information while making a purchase on certain websites to save you time, but I've never actually seen a website that works with BlackBerry Wallet.

BlackBerry 6 is only available--officially, that is, not including leaked software--on two devices: the BlackBerry Torch 9800; and the BlackBerry Style 9670 flip smartphone. But more BlackBerry 6 devices are expected soon. And a handful of existing RIM smartphones running BlackBerry OS 5.0 should also receive updates to BlackBerry 6 in the not too distant future.

Visit RIM's website for more information and to download BlackBerry Wallet for BlackBerry 6, as well as smartphones running BlackBerry OS 5.0.


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