BlackBerry Bold 9700 Coming Soon in White—or DIY Now for $50

A new, white version of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 looks to be coming soon. But why wait?

Images posted on BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion's (RIM) Thailand website show a new version of the popular BlackBerry Bold 9700—in white.

White BlackBerry Bold 9700 from RIM's Thai Website
White BlackBerry Bold 9700 from RIM's Thai Website

A rumor from earlier this week, gleaned from what appears to be a wireless-carrier inventory shot, suggests that this "blanc Bold" will be coming to Canadian-carrier Rogers in the future.

Presumably, the white Bold will also find its way to AT&T and/or T-Mobile, the current U.S. carriers that offer the BlackBerry 9700. (AT&T already offers a white Bold 9000.) But it's unclear exactly when. Nor have any concrete release details been made available for the Thai-version of the white Bold.

If you're eager to get your thumbs on this white Bold 9700, and you're a current 9700 owner, there's really no reason to wait—or dish out a couple hundred dollars for a new device. At least if you're handy with a screwdriver, that is.

A couple of Chinese cell-phone part retailers already offer all of the "ingredients" necessary to "white-out" your current black Bold 9700 for around US$50.

Warning: It's not exactly simple to fully disassemble your Bold 9700 and equip it with the new parts. And you'll need the proper tools: tiny T5/T6 screwdrivers and a plastic pry-tool. But if you purchase your parts together, both these instruments should come as part of the package.

I recently took apart my BlackBerry 9700 to slap on custom parts I purchased from with relative few "hiccups." The parts don't fit "perfectly." And it was a bit of a headache to solder the necessary components together. But I don't regret the decision at all. And everything you'll need can be bought in an assembled-state, so the soldering-process won't be necessary. Just make sure the parts-package you choose clearly states that parts come pre-assembled. (The description should read something like "The top cover and the bezels are attached.")

BlackBerry Bold 9700 with White Bezel and Back Cover from TrueSupplier
BlackBerry Bold 9700 with White Bezel and Back Cover from TrueSupplier

Another option for a white 9700 is to go the ColorWare-route, and I can tell you from experience the company does a great job...though you can expect to drop a lot more than $50.

Customizing your own 9700 or purchasing a white device from ColorWare also gives you an almost "all-white" BlackBerry, compared to the device pictured on the Thai BlackBerry site, which sports a white keyboard and top cover but with the same "silver" bezel found on the current stock 9700. In other words, RIM's white Bold 9700 won't be "all-white."

To purchase new parts for your Bold 9700, visit or And you can find a number of 9700 disassembly tutorials on YouTube.


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