Coming to a Mall Near You: The SAP Retail Store?

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"I see," says the man, thinking a second. "So the price tags on the disks are all in Euros. So, how much is this 'fully integrated ERP' suite, in U.S. dollars?"

"Average total cost for, say, an ERP implementation is approximately $16 million. Total time of implementation is roughly 20 months," says Hans. "Want to hear more?"


"Of course," continues Hans, "you'll have to pay us an annual maintenance fee, which is around 22 percent of the net license price, and spend millions more on upgrades when we release new versions. Though we're fixing that. And that's all assuming everything goes well with the install. So how many seats are we talking about here?"

"Seats? I don't need any seats. And if I did, Crate and Barrel is right across the way."

The wife returns, to the delight of the husband. "Honey, let's go," he says quickly.

"Come back and see us again," says Hans. "Auf wiedesein. Au revoir. Adios. Zai jian. Ciao. Goodbye!"

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