There's No Quick-Fix for Bad Morale

When management fails, morale plummets.

Computerworld recently released its 2009 ranking of the Best Places to Work in IT. As part of that feature, the IT news daily published the story, 7 Tips for Keeping IT Employees Upbeat.

Without even reading the article, I knew what it was going to espouse—the usual bluster about engaging employees in the company's mission and values and the importance of patting staff on the back.

Gag me with a spoon.

I read the story despite my misgivings, hoping to find recommendations that would prove my assumption wrong, hoping I'd find advice that was in synch with IT workers' material and psychological needs.

But the story's recommendations were largely what I expected: unrealistic and out of touch. They were the kind of self-satisfying recommendations that managers like to hear, such as:

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