Selfridges $1,500 BlackBerry Bold Gets You Yellow Battery Cover, Matching Keypad, Buyer’s Remorse

U.K. department store chain Selfridges turns 100 this year. And to celebrate the company’s centennial, it’s offering up a cool, limited edition BlackBerry Bold with a custom battery cover in Selfridges’ signature canary-yellow, as well as a matching keypad. (Just the numerals, not letters.) And it sure is purty. However, you could buy two brand new, unlocked Bolds with the full ColorWare treatment--not just a battery cover and a unique keypad--for less than the Ł1,000 (roughly $1,500) the company’s charging for it.

image of Selfridges Limited Edition BlackBerry Bold 9000
Selfridges Limited Edition BlackBerry Bold 9000
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