The Fate of Motorola's Now-Defunct Moto Q Pro Smartphone (or How Motorola Promised Me a Moto Q Pro for Months and Then Bailed)

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The following Monday, Motorola offered to deliver the phones to me during an in-person demonstration with a Moto Q Pro product manager. At that point, all I wanted was the *@#*@$ phones I'd requested, but I was willing to do whatever it took to get my hands on the Moto Q Pros.

Jason Pelski, then product manager of the MotoPro Product Group, and a PR representative showed up at my office a few days later with smiles, some product literature, and no phones. But, Pelski said, I could expect them in the coming week.

I was impressed with the demo; the Moto Q Pro was as cool as I'd expected it to be, at least on first inspection. Which made it that much harder when a few weeks later, I was dealt the next blow—an e-mail from the same PR rep in late February:

"Hi Al- I am so sorry for this ongoing issue with getting you a product. As you know, I just jumped into this when the Symbol acquisition occurred and am trying to navigate the waters. It appears that we are still running into availability issues -- despite that I thought you could get a product on Monday. I think we might have to pass on this review opportunity, as I really can't provide a solid date for availability."

By this point, I had to move forward on my review without the Moto Q Pro but I continued checking in with Motorola every couple of weeks.

In early April, I received the following response to one of my repeated inquires:

"Hello- Sorry I didn’t reply yesterday, I was working on getting a better understanding of the fate of the Motorola Q Pro. Turns out that with the recent integration with Symbol, the Q Pro will no longer be available."

If I had a nickel for every apology I got from Motorola, I could make probably make a respectable bid in the FCC's upcoming 700MHz spectrum auction, but that's beside the point…

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