5 Things CIOs Need to Know About Pinterest

The social bulletin board can produce consumer buzz and website traffic, but needs better analytics for businesses.

Pinterest may be great for buzz and Website traffic, but what does it mean to your business? Here's what every CIO should know about the popular social network.

1. Pinterest is still in its infancy. Pinterest, a social bulletin-board website, joined the social media field in 2010, and it's still catching up. In late 2012, the site added business accounts that let companies create themed boards for their products or content. At the end of 2013, Pinterest released its first API to select businesses such as Target and Zappos.

Gleaning data from the API is critical for gauging Pinterest's business impact. "The first thing the CIO will hear is, 'How can I get data out of Pinterest for stakeholders?'" says Susan Etlinger, an analyst at Altimeter Group. Businesses can request APIs to obtain data such as most-clicked pins or most recent pins.

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