Tech Pros Need to Learn the Art of Brevity

A communication expert -- author of the new book "Brief" -- says you’ll have a bigger impact by saying less. But it requires preparation.

Joe McCormack has a simple message: Be clear and concise if you want people to listen.

"Brevity is an essential skill to stand out," says McCormack, founder and managing director of Sheffield Company, an agency focused on narrative messaging and visual storytelling. McCormack promotes that concept in a new book, Brief: Making a Bigger Impact by Saying Less, inspired by his work with clients such as the Army Special Operations Command.

Define brief.

Brief is as much about quality as it is about quantity. It's a balance between being clear, concise and compelling.

How do you know if you lose your audience?

The worst indicator is to be ignored. The indicator that you haven't lost them is that they respond. The best response is "Tell me more."

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