10 Cloud Security Startups to Watch in 2014

The market for cloud security tools is expected to grow significantly in the coming year. Here are 10 cloud security startups that could help boost cloud adoption in 2014 and beyond.

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2. BitSight Technologies

BitSight Technologies, cloud security tool startup

What they do: Offer an information security rating service, which helps organizations evaluate risks when working with partners, suppliers, outsourcers, etc.

Headquarters: Cambridge, Mass.

CEO: Shaun McConnon, who previously served as CEO of Q1 Labs.

Founded: 2011

Funding: BitSight raised a $24 million Series A round in June 2013.

Why they're on this list: Today, organizations have hundreds of business partners with whom they share sensitive data. This exposes them to the risk of a breach through a partner network. According to BitSight, third-party breaches are the cause of a staggering amount of cyberattacks, and there is currently no objective method of keeping track of the security risks that partners pose.

BitSight's global platform helps manage this risk by collecting and analyzing terabytes of data on security behaviors and then rating companies for their security effectiveness. Similar to consumer credit scores, BitSight SecurityRatings are automated and derived entirely from externally available data. The result: organizations are empowered to proactively identify, quantify, and mitigate security risks throughout their ecosystems.

Users receive daily updates on the ratings of their vendors, updates which provide detailed information on suspicious behaviors, such as participation in a DDoS attempt or communication with a known botnet. Aberrant behaviors are then analyzed for severity, frequency, duration and confidence to create an overall rating of the organization's current security health.

Competitive Landscape: For the time being, BitSight is uniquely positioned in the security market. However, CloudeAssurance offers a similar service, only its focus is on cloud service providers, rather than a partner network.

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