GE Healthcare CTO Says IT Needs to Embrace Mobile, Cloud to Remain Relevant

GE Healthcare CTO Nevin Zimmermann talks with IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant about mobile, cloud, big data and more. Zimmermann also discusses how his team is evolving and why CIOs must embrace technology changes.

Nevin Zimmermann has a lot on his plate right now -- mobile, cloud, big data, running hosted solutions for a couple hundred major customers. Oh, and don't forget helping GE Healthcare capture new global business opportunities -- especially in emerging markets -- and navigating the dramatic changes reshaping the healthcare industry everywhere.

Nevin Zimmermann, CTO, CIO, GE Healthcare

Zimmermann, chief technology officer, IT & Process Excellence for GE Healthcare, joined the GE family in 1999 and earlier served in a couple of CIO roles for the global giant. In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CIO Interview Series, Zimmermann spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about how his team is evolving to realize the promise of mobility and why cloud is taking on such a vital role in his IT strategy (hint: that big data thing is a big driver).

Zimmermann also talked about why it's so important for CIOs to embrace the massive changes taking place in technology today and how those changes -- far from diminishing IT -- are creating new opportunities for collaboration and engagement with the business.

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You have a CTO title, and that's one that means a lot of different things in different organizations, whether it's on the vendor side or the customer side. How do you define that role of the CTO?

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