How the C-Suite Can Close the Gender Gap

CIOs and other top execs should identify women for the executive talent pipeline, then provide coaching and workplace flexibility, says Elaine Miller, a managing director with PricewaterhouseCoopers

The statistics for women in corporate America remain dismal. Women hold only 17 percent of senior-level positions, 12 percent of board seats and 5 percent of CEO roles. Companies need to focus on developing a more diverse talent pipeline, says Elaine Miller, a managing director at PricewaterhouseCoopers who focuses on advancing women in executive careers.

Do most organizations lack a framework to drive female talent upward?

Typically they have some sort of talent management program, but where they fall short is in diversity and particularly in promoting women into the leadership pipeline. They haven't put enough attention into how to develop female talent within the organization.


I think it's a mix of so many reasons. Sheryl Sandberg would say the easy answer is you have to lean in. I think it's a complex issue that comes down to culture and the unwritten rules that exist but need to change.

Does the U.S. need legislative action to address this gender gap?

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