This C-Suite Recognizes That Failure is Part of Innovation

At Toyota Financial, a close-knit, collaborative group of C-level execs allows for missteps in the company's innovation strategy.

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The C-suite Team at Toyota Financial Services

  • Katherine Adkins: Vice President & General Counsel, also acts as the company's innovation champion
  • George Borst: Retired as President & CEO on Sept. 30, continues as an executive adviser to the company through the end of next year
  • Pete Carey: Vice President of Sales, works closely with IT on customer-service technology
  • Mike Groff: Incoming President & CEO, promoted from SVP of Sales, Marketing and Product Development
  • Ron Guerrier: Vice President & CIO, started his career with Toyota 17 years ago in collections and moved up the ranks to his current position
  • Karen Ideno: Vice President of Product & Marketing, maintains close connections with dealers to keep them apprised of new products and pricing as well as how products are positioned and sold
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