Make More, Spend Less

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Jun 06, 2016
Cloud ComputingManufacturing Industry

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The concept of making more and spending less seems like a paradox. How can you possibly produce more without increasing the cost of doing so? There are three interconnected pieces that make this possible.

1.      Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

The first key to making more while spending less is the use of MES. MES enables a real-time relationship of production management and manufacturing data, ultimately leading to complete inventory visibility. This closed-loop control results in efficiency and dollars spent wisely, reducing waste and inaccuracies on the plant floor.

2.      Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The next key is a comprehensive ERP system. ERP provides comprehensive resource management and automation to speed efficiency with improvements in quality, increase in uptime, reduction in manual data collection and analysis, and more accurate scheduling. Getting away from manual paper-based processes allows you to be more efficient, while reducing data errors. When coupled with MES, manufacturers have a complete view and total control of their manufacturing enterprise from the plant floor to the top floor.

3.      Cloud

Integrated MES and ERP does no good unless it is in the cloud. The cloud is the hub to which everything is connected. The ability to access your information anywhere, anytime allows you to make more and spend less with ease. You can address production problems before they happen, even when working from a mobile device. Innovate, integrate and enhance quality with integrated MES and ERP in the cloud.

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