Cloud delivers on outsourcing’s promise—but results may vary

Can companies save money by going to the cloud? The unsatisfying answer is: it depends. The success of cloud initiatives has more to do with the art of how an enterprise promotes its adoption than any exact formula.
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Esteban Herrera is a partner and Global Leader of ISG Research with Information Services Group. He also leads ISG’s Latin America region. He is an outsourcing thought leader who is passionate about the opportunities of globalization and specialization in the industry.

A recognized speaker and author, Esteban has been published in numerous industry publications including MWorld and Directorship. He is a contributing author to the book, Information Services Group. His focus is for ISG Research to produce knowledge products that solve real business problems for clients. Through his involvement in hundreds of enterprise-size transformation initiatives, he has developed unique insight and the ability to ask the right questions to set an organization on the correct outsourcing path.

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