by Jim Lynch

Disable Apple Music in iTunes 12.4

Jun 13, 2016
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How to quickly remove the unnecessary clutter of Apple Music buttons from the iTunes 12.4 interface.

Apple Music has millions of paying subscribers, but not everybody uses it. Some folks like myself just aren’t interested in Apple’s streaming music service, so Apple Music just adds visual clutter to iTunes 12.4.

Not to worry, in this how-to I’ll show you how you can easily get rid of Apple Music’s buttons in iTunes 12.4. This will help make iTunes 12.4 a better experience by getting rid of unnecessary interface elements.

How to disable Apple Music in iTunes 12.4

Just follow these simple steps to remove the Apple Music buttons from iTunes 12.4:

1. Open the iTunes application.

2. Go to Preferences.

3. Click the Restrictions tab.

4. Click the Apple Music and Connect check boxes.

After you’ve done this you’ll only see My Music and iTunes Store at the top of the iTunes application. If you change your mind later and want to subscribe to Apple Music, you can easily uncheck the Apple Music and Connect check boxes.

disable apple music itunes

Apple Music is a fine streaming service but it’s not for me

I was glad to be rid of the Apple Music buttons in iTunes 12.4. Don’t get me wrong, I think Apple Music is a fine streaming service, but I have no real use for it. I prefer to download my music and have it available on my iOS devices instead of streaming it.

I own quite a bit of music that I’ve purchased over the years from the iTunes Store, and it more than meets my needs. I also have a limited mobile data plan, so streaming music would just force me to pay for more data. And why bother when I already have thousands and thousands of songs on my iPhone?

I am also an Amazon Prime subscriber, and Amazon Music comes bundled as part of a Prime subscription. So paying for two streaming music services just doesn’t make any sense. Not that I use Amazon Music all that much, but when I do need streaming at home over Wi-Fi, it provides plenty of music.

I’m very glad that Apple has given us the option of getting rid of Apple’s Musics buttons from the iTunes 12.4 interface. Removing them clears up unnecessary clutter, and simplifies the iTunes interface.

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