3 Strategies for How to Demonstrate IT's Value

These CIOs show IT's business value by measuring sales growth, customer impact and risk mitigation

Three CIOs discuss how they showed IT's business value by measuring sales growth, customer impact and risk mitigation.

One Set of Metrics for All

Tim McCabe, SVP & CIO, Delphi: In the past, the most important metric in IT was system uptime. But as technology has become more commoditized, we now measure IT services in terms of the preservation, creation and foundation of business value, and we benchmark ourselves against those outcomes.

This value framework ensures that Delphi IT measures itself against the same key performance indicators as everyone else--just like sales, finance or operations.

When we meet with others in the enterprise, we're all having the same conversation about the same business outcomes. We apply the principles of revenue generation and operational excellence to evaluate, prioritize and measure our projects to maximize shareholder value. Does it help sales? Increase share price? Improve throughput? These are metrics our colleagues and shareholders understand and value.

It takes time to get the IT organization to think differently, and we have those conversations with our IT colleagues throughout the organization, from Delphi headquarters to our sites around the globe.

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