While You’re on Vacation, Cloud ERP and Big Data are Still Hard at Work

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Jun 13, 2016
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It’s that time of year when school is out, sunscreen is important, and temperatures heat up. While you’re enjoying the sun and sipping lemonade at that backyard BBQ, big data is still hard at work. If your company has adopted a cloud ERP strategy, it’s easier to stay on top of market needs and how your company is delivering on its promises.

Spend More Time at the Pool—Less Time on Manual Tracking and Data Entry

Forget manual tracking and duplication of data entry. Leave it to your cloud ERP. By relying on automated collection and analysis of real-time operational data and on dashboards for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), problem identification and troubleshooting happens on a much quicker cycle. Automated downtime notifications also empower your staff with more details on what the problems are for faster problem resolution.

Keep Cool with Anytime, Anywhere Sales Information

An aggregated sales dashboard available on tablets and other mobile devices means your sales teams can quickly and easily display information such as sales performance by product line, by geography, and even by customer. Armed with both historical and real-time account information—including sales figures, current orders, shipping status, and customer data—your sales teams will be sitting cool in the shade. They’ll be able to quickly identify if distributors are meeting sales commitments and contractual obligations, as well as identify areas for potential growth.

Include Supply Chain Partners in Your Sizzling Summer

By linking supply chain partners to your cloud ERP, suppliers from all over the world can access information to determine your requirements in real time. By the same token, your employees can gather information about potential suppliers including product costs, freight costs, and delivery schedules to make informed decisions when selecting suppliers and partners. This enables your company to manage inventory levels, improve efficiencies and get the best value for required parts and components.

Cloud ERP and Big Data collected from across the organization—from plant operations data to sales data to communications with suppliers—gives you the key to informed data-driven decisions while you’re out enjoying one sizzling summer.

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