How do you know if you are getting a team that is faking it?

Here are some key staffing questions and answers that can help keep consultants honest.
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Consultants joke that their experience should be measured in dog years. Using that formula, Matthew Leathers is a member of the centenarian club with more than 15 years in consulting for clients such as Exelon, Accolade, King & Spalding, Cox Communications, Liberty Mutual and Citizens Bank. He shares his adventures (and misadventures) to help his clients succeed.

Matt had the opportunity to leave consulting and to try his own cooking as a vice president at American Express. He and his team of software engineers, architects and business analysts were responsible for working with the business to design and deliver innovative, reliable and award-winning products.

Currently, Matt is a senior consultant at Kettle Consulting Group, which aims to help clients build strategic business and technology capabilities that assume long-term independence and sustainability.

Matt is a credited reviewer of the ITIL V3 Service Strategy volume and has published internal and external thought leadership on behalf of Accenture, Deloitte and KPMG. Matt is a voracious reader and an avid music listener, and he has an appreciation for strong coffee.

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