A leader changes the ground rules

A leader knows when the ground rules have to be changed in order to get better performance. Deep-rooted problems demand leaders to look at their operating model and make adjustments, sometimes significant ones. Course corrections aren't easy, and not meant to be.
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Bas de Baat is an independent management consultant with over 20 years experience in leading high-performing teams that deliver and sustain enterprise business solutions. He is an expert in navigating and managing technology-driven-change initiatives, and adept in putting them back on track when they have derailed.

Bas is coaching business leaders and top talent to achieve better business and/or personal performance. In his blogs he writes about practical project management and shares his knowledge and experience on how to make things happen when people, process and technology need to change.

Bas is located in Toronto, Canada. You can learn more from Bas or contact him through www.basdebaat.com

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