IT Resume Makeover: How to Tell Your Career Story

Not getting the responses you expected from your online resume? Learn what common pitfalls IT pros experience in their journey to find a better job.

Thirty years in programming and IT management have been good to Michele Franchi. After her start as an assembly language programmer in 1982, she quickly rose through the ranks and weathered a few storms along the way. In 1992, she started in IT management, working with developers and quality analysts.

Now she's in a new position that she's happy with, but several months ago when she began her job search she wasn't getting the response she was hoping for. After putting her resume out there, she quickly realized her only interviews came from a network of professionals, which got her thinking, "What's going on with my resume?"

IT Resume Makeover

"I had spent several months working on my old resume. I knew it was more focused on describing what I had done, but not on how that benefited the companies I worked for. I was really struggling with quantifying my accomplishments. Almost all of the interviews I had came through networkimg," Franchi says.

After reading one of's Resume Makeover series, she decided to put her name in the hat and that landed her the starring role in this month's makeover.

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