by Swapnil Bhartiya

Fedora 24 released, brings something for everyone

Jun 21, 2016
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It comes with a great mix of enterprise, cloud and desktop technologies.rn

The Red Hat-sponsored Fedora community has announced the release of Fedora 24. This release of the open source Linux-based operating system comes with version 2.3 of glibc (GNU C library), bringing better compliance with POSIX and GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 6. The community has rebuilt all base packages of Fedora 24 with GCC 6, which means better code optimization and overall stability across all Fedora 24 editions.

Fedora is also the base of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and it is heavily used by sysadmins, DevOps and developers (Linus Torvalds uses Fedora). Fedora is also known for introducing new technologies to users, and users will see a lot of enterprise-centric features in Fedora 24 that are targeted at sysadmins and developers.

Fedora now comes in three editions: Fedora Workstation for desktop users; Fedora Server, which comes with packages and applications suitable for running servers; and Fedora Cloud, which is a minimal distribution that comes with core cloud technologies.

Those who are working on cloud technologies will find new tools and capabilities to take advantage of container and orchestration technologies like Kubernetes. Fedora 24 (Cloud edition) comes with OpenShift Origin, a Kubernetes distribution. Red Hat offers a commercial PaaS solution OpenShift that’s based on Origin.

“Fedora 24 continues Fedora’s drive to provide the latest, powerful open source tools and components to a variety of end users, from developers to systems administrators,” said Matthew Miller, Fedora Project Leader in a press statement. “With the addition of OpenShift Origin to Fedora 24 Cloud, Fedora users now have an additional powerful tool to not only build but also deploy and orchestrate many of the latest innovations in Linux containers.”

As far as desktop users are concerned, Fedora is known as a Gnome distribution and Fedora 24 comes with Gnome 3.20, the latest release of Gnome desktop environment. Users can also test out Gnome with Wayland, the successor of the aging X display server. In my quick testing, Wayland worked just fine on Dell XPS 13 (2016).