Why the Cloud Makes Your Job Easier

BrandPost By Plex. Manufacturing Success Stories.
Jun 23, 2016
Cloud ComputingManufacturing Industry


As a manufacturing technology professional, you’re responsible for a lot of mission critical processes in your business. Keeping systems up and running while fighting fires may be a regular part of the job, but it leaves you no time for strategic analysis into better, more efficient processes and systems. Cloud ERP changes all that. No longer do you need to spend the night at the office monitoring the plant floor and barely keeping up. The cloud makes your job easier while making you more valuable to your organization. Here’s how.

1. Mobility

Need to check inventory levels, equipment efficiency, or order status? With cloud technology, you simply log in on your mobile device to find out, anywhere, anytime. A mobile plant floor with cloud manufacturing ERP ensures that the top floor has relevant and timely information to make better decisions about your business.

2. Security

According to Network World’s State of the Network 2015 report, security is one of the top IT initiatives for technology professionals. From network and user security to data protection and user privacy, there are many security issues to monitor. Cloud ERP protects your data in ways that legacy systems simply can’t because of physical restraints. With offsite redundant datacenters, you’ll never worry about a natural disaster or power outage killing your business data. In addition, incidents or anomalies can be reported right to your mobile devices so you can address issues at any time.

3. Time

Gone are the days spent on manual processes or data entry. The cloud automates many time-consuming tasks so you can focus on more important business initiatives. The time you get back in your day allows you to be a more valuable asset to your business. Analyzing data, making strategic decisions, and improving business processes are just some of the activities cloud ERP makes possible.

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