Big Data is More Than a Trend for Manufacturing

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Jun 27, 2016
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Many manufacturers have been collecting and tracking data on machines, production, and inventory for years. The new opportunity that makes big data more than a trend for manufacturers is the insight that data provides into operating a more efficient business.

One company, FloraCraft, the world’s largest maker and supplier of floral foam products, has 3,500 active SKUs that it kept track of through various reports. While the reports provided some information, it didn’t make forecasting or planning an efficient process. The company replaced its legacy system and moved to a cloud-based manufacturing ERP system to gain a unified view of operations. From the moment an order is entered into the system, everyone can see what is needed and what is missing from virtually anywhere.

Watch the video to see how FloraCraft gets a comprehensive view of its operations.

Most importantly is the analytics side of big data. Manufacturing analytics hubs are already leveraging cloud-computing farms to look for patterns and business insights in the big data and deliver actionable data for more effective decision-making. Those manufacturers, like FloraCraft, who realize that big data is more than a trend have an unprecented opportunity to take their businesses to the next level by using the insight that comes from big data.

Want to learn more about FloraCraft and their connected manufacturing success? Download the case study.