Cloud Manufacturing ERP Helps You Grow without Breaking the Bank

BrandPost By Plex. Manufacturing Success Stories.
Jun 28, 2016
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Many small to mid-sized manufacturers are discovering a secret about cloud manufacturing ERP: they can access the same tools, infrastructures, and software capabilities that many large-scale enterprises enjoy—without breaking the bank.

One such manufacturer is Green Flash Brewery, a San Diego-based independent craft brewery established in 2002. The company achieved great success with the launch of its groundbreaking WestCoast IPA but the system that had worked so well with one product couldn’t provide the flexibility or functionality to support rapid growth.

The company went with a manufacturing Cloud ERP to improve manufacturing processes and use accurate and timely data to make more informed decisions about its business. Green Flash relies on its cloud ERP’s audit trail functionality, available on every screen for everyone to access, to ensure internal controls and on-the-spot troubleshooting. Another key benefit is the ability to grow without worrying about massive IT infrastructure investments or having to create a large IT team, which helps Green Flash focus on what it does best—making more quality beer.

Watch the video to see Green Flash Brewery grew its operations with cloud ERP then download the case study.