IT Resume Makeover: Make Your Messaging Clear

Whether you work in IT or any competitive field, a resume that doesn't quickly illustrate who you are, what you do and why an employer needs you will be summarily dismissed.

Ken Montgomery is the network operations lead with a technology company. He has worked in many different parts and aspects of IT for more than 26 years, but he has spent most of his time in networking. His most recent career goal, however, is to break into senior management and ultimately become a CIO.

His old resume wasn't cutting it and Montgomery had some clues as to why. "My original resume was very technically oriented. It was good at ticking off success from a technical perspective, but it didn't come across with any leadership aspect to it, and it was a tired and old format," says Montgomery.

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He was getting plenty of interviews with his original resume and he's good at turning those interviews around, but the positions that he was being offered were more on the technical side.

He knew that he needed to change the resume from a more technical focus to a management one--and along the way he needed to bring the overall formatting into the present tense. To help him achieve his goal, paired Montgomery with a returning veteran to the IT Resume Makeover series.

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