Data Consolidation: Taking the Shop Floor to the Cloud

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Jul 18, 2016
Cloud ComputingManufacturing Industry

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Manufacturers make things that matter every day, but garnering meaningful data from these processes can be a challenge. Cloud ERP is the answer to this problem, allowing manufacturers to consolidate operational and shop floor data. One such manufacturer who has accomplished this with Cloud ERP is Avon Gear Company.

Bringing Precision to Manufacturing

Headquartered in Shelby Township, Michigan, Avon Gear Company manufactures precision-machined components and subassemblies for heavy industrial equipment manufacturers.

Prior to the use of an ERP system in the cloud, Avon Gear was using Excel spreadsheets and dealing with manual, error-prone processes. Data wasn’t accurate, and trying to verify the correct information could take hours or even days. In order to have accurate, real-time data and the ability to scale as needed, Avon Gear chose to implement Cloud ERP.

Growing with the Cloud

The use of a cloud manufacturing ERP solution has helped the company consolidate, automate, collaborate, and grow. Any person in the organization now has mobile access to real-time data, giving employees the information they need to communicate effectively with Avon Gear’s customers.

“Plex is the most versatile solution to use in a manufacturing environment,” said Matt Korth, President at Avon Gear Company. “It helps us stay organized and suits our growing needs.”

Explore the case study to see how Avon Gear now operates with a cloud manufacturing ERP solution.