5 Strategic Tips for Avoiding a Big Data Bust

Failed expectations, increased costs, unnecessary legal risks -- going blind into a big data project doesn't pay .

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"Typically big data projects are multidimensional and complex initiatives," Chabot says. "They require significant upfront planning." Before embarking on a big data project, he says, organizational leaders should ensure alignment between strategic, functionality, data, analytics, and technology road maps. These road maps need to be reflected in a business, system, software, data, and technology architecture.

"Misalignment between any of these road maps can cause the entire project to derail," Chabot says. "The risks of not having a strong, cohesive big data strategy with the proper road maps and architectures are likely to be excessive costs, expectation mismatch, lack of value, and ultimately program failure."

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This story, "5 Strategic Tips for Avoiding a Big Data Bust" was originally published by InfoWorld.

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