IT Resume Makeover: How to Create an Effective Executive Resume

In's most recent edition of the IT Resume Makeover Series, certified career coach and resume writer Cheryl Simpson demonstrates the elements necessary to get qualified IT pros into C-level interviews.

Rshab Gaur has worked in a leadership role in IT management for more than 20 years for different multinational companies. He has been looking to land a c-level position, but so far he hasn't had much luck.

According to Gaur, he's had limited opportunities and feels as though prospective employers and recruiters couldn't appreciate his potential. "I've used several channels, from jobsites to social networking. I've approached senior business leaders directly and, while I have received responses from hiring managers, a concrete offer is yet to materialize," says Gaur.

Gaur says that while his resume was suitable for a lateral role, the flow of content wasn't doing enough to reflect his accomplishments and achievements. Furthermore, his current role wasn't clearly quantified. Gaur came to the realization that he needed a resume makeover.

Link to Rshab Gaur's original resume

IT Resume Strategist to the Rescue

Cheryl Simpson is president of Executive Resume Rescue and has 30 years of experience working as an executive career coach, resume writer and LinkedIn strategist. She also holds numerous certifications in her field.

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