Ranking the Top 10 Cloud Startups

The votes are in for favorite cloud startup. These are the companies shaping the cloud computing market. Here is the top 10 list of hot cloud startups to keep an eye on.

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Notes regarding the bot ballot-box stuffers

Unfortunately, it's likely that a few legitimate votes were lost in the process. However, when the bots were running, they clogged up the servers, so most real votes were actually blocked for the few minutes they were on. However, we are confident that not too many legitimate votes were purged.

Here's the thing, Fraudsters: The bot patterns are pretty easy to recognize.

What's not so easy is purging the illegitimate votes. With SurveyMonkey you have to manually delete any vote you want to toss out, one by one. Since a couple of the bots were running low-and-slow attacks, it was a major headache to purge the votes.

It's pretty easy, though, to do some back of the envelope calculations to get a fairly accurate estimate.

To avoid such trouble going forward we'll be setting stricter controls on future surveys and perhaps get some custom code written to block fraudsters.

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