How to Win at Mobile Ecommerce

CIOs at Yum Brands and iCrossing say the hallmarks of mobile ecommerce are simplicity, convenience and engagement.

Two CIOs offer their advice and strategy on how to win at mcommerce:

Know Your Mobile Consumers

Baron Concors, CIO, Yum Restaurants International: As the largest global operator of restaurants in the world, Yum Brands has more than 38,000 restaurants in over 120 countries and territories. Between KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, we are opening approximately four restaurants per day worldwide.

Our strategy is to be everywhere our customers want us to be, and increasingly that means ensuring we have best-in-class online and mobile ordering sites. Our digital strategy is localized to individual regions, countries and markets, so we're very attuned to the levels of technology adoption in those markets by consumers, both in terms of broadband services and smartphones.

For instance, while Qatar has high mobile-device penetration, consumers there are less comfortable with online ordering. Meanwhile, in Australia, they order everything online. We adapt our strategy accordingly, depending on the circumstances.

In food service, the conversion rate online is probably 10 times what it is in a traditional retail environment, and the operational savings are significant; taking an order online is around 80 percent cheaper than a call center, and people purchase more through online and mobile ordering.

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