35 Open Source and Free Tools to Manage Your Online Store

From shopping carts to marketing tools to image-editing software, here's a look at 35 open source tools and hosted services that can help you get started with your own Web store.

For most small office home office (SOHO) businesses and entrepreneurs, breaking into ecommerce can have a hefty start-up fee. There's a lot of software to consider, and the costs to license or own that software can add up quickly.

Other than the obvious benefit to open source ecommerce software—none of the licensing fees that come with proprietary or off-the-shelf packages—you'll find open source software provides access to communities of users, including developers and other storeowners, who freely offer help and add-ons to enhance the software package.

Tips: How to Build an Online Business From Scratch

If you find that open source software requires more technical know-how than you can manage, there's also free hosted ecommerce software to choose from. These are not open source software packages per se, but they are free for smaller businesses to try and will certainly get the job done when you're starting out. If you like the service and see positive results, you can always upgrade to a basic subscription plan.

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