10 tips for job hunting while you’re still employed

Job hunting while you're currently position can be tricky. Candidates who are employed typically fare better, but not without risk. Here’s how to balance your current job and your career search — without getting cut.

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Finding a new job while you’re still employed is a tricky prospect. On one hand, you’re more attractive to potential employers if you already have a job. On the other, one false move and you could end up being fired or, at the very least, sully your reputation in the marketplace. Here’s how to best conduct a job search while you’re still employed. 

1. Explore options where you are

First, consider why you’re thinking of leaving, and explore options for improving your situation where you are, says Jayne Mattson, senior vice president of Keystone Associates. 

Doing so will depend on the level of trust that exists between you and your manager; don’t go overboard and start telling everyone at the office, she adds. 

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