by Jim Lynch

Buy a Rainbow Pride band for your Apple Watch

Aug 09, 2016
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Clockwork Synergy is offering a Rainbow Pride band for the Apple Watch that is reminiscent of Appleu2019s own limited edition given to its employees.

Apple recently offered some of its employees a limited edition Rainbow Pride band for their Apple Watches. Unfortunately, the band was not available for purchase by folks who weren’t Apple employees.

But Clockwork Synergy is now offering a similar Rainbow Pride band on its site. The band is available for $24.95 and can be purchased with different buckle and adapter colors. As I write this post the 42mm is sold out until August 30 though, but you can sign up to be notified when it becomes available.

Here’s the official description of the band:

A pair of PRIDE Rainbow Classic NATO Watch Bands designed for Apple Watch®. Crafted from high-quality Nylon ensuring lasting durability, but not at the expense of comfort.

Length is 7.87″ ( 125mm / 75mm ) with 11 adjustability holes allowing for the best fit across most wrist sizes! Select from multiple adapter and buckle color options to customize the look and demonstrate your PRIDE!

More at Clockwork Synergy

News of Clockwork Synergy’s Rainbow Pride band sparked a thread on the Apple subreddit, and some folks there noted that the band wasn’t quite the same as Apple’s:

BBllaakkee: “That looks nothing like the real one. ”

Mandible_Claw: “Yeah, this is just a rainbow NATO band. I’m sure these have been around before now.”

Theexlurker: “It looks almost nothing like the official Apple ones, but if you want a rainbow band its the closest you’re gonna get.”

PirateJinjaa: “No, not at all like the official one. Big bulky connectors and stitching on this one.”

Dannybres: “Eww they’re horrible. I hate the buckle. I’d love an apple one. ”

Illusium: “Apple made these available to select employees that registered for a pride event in SF. Plenty of people who would have loved to have one were somewhat disappointed by the exclusivity.”

Bananakabobbbb: “Don’t think they were “producing them”. They just made a couple as a special thing for employees going to Pride.”

ArtieMack: “It works better with the sport than apple’s own bands, as you can customize which buckle and lug colors you want!”

More at Reddit

Here’s Apple’s band:

apple watch gay pride band

And here’s the Clockwork Synergy band:

apple watch rainbow pride band

Personally, I think the Clockwork Synergy band still looks pretty darned good. No, it’s not exactly like Apple’s but I think it still gets the point across for anybody that sees it. And, in a way, the Clockwork Synergy band looks better to me since the colors are brighter than the ones on Apple’s band.

It will be interesting though to see if Apple makes its limited edition band available for sale at some point. I can’t see a valid reason for why the company wouldn’t do it, and if I had to guess I’d say that we might see it when the Apple Watch 2 becomes available. Until then though the Clockwork Synergy band should work well for Apple Watch users who want to express their pride.

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