4 tools that give marketing consultants peace of mind

If you think you have what it takes to forsake a cushy corporate marketing job and strike out on your own as a consultant, there are automated tools that can help you run your business. Here's a look at four options.
  • IT Leadership
  • Marketing
Dipti Parmar is an experienced marketing and technology consultant, helping startups, ecommerce brands, and B2B SaaS companies establish thought leadership in their industry with innovative strategies through her agency 99stairs. She is a columnist for leading business and tech publications such as Entrepreneur Mag, Adobe's CMO.com, and Inc. Dipti has also been listed as a top startup marketer by TechCrunch. When she's not drinking her team's blood (figuratively), she is busy telling vampire stories to little girls who like Disney princesses. Follow @dipTparmar on Twitter for her best insights.