3 Ways the CTO Job is Evolving

Three companies are redefining the role of the chief technology officer.

What type of Chief Technology Officer are you?

Are you a realist, an unbiased cop or a product leader? Or maybe you're all three. CTOs at three companies talk about the ways the role is evolving.

The CTO as Realist

Rose Smith, CTO, Campbell Soup Company: Campbell's CIO Joe Spagnoletti sets the company's IT agenda and relies on me and my team, the technology experts, to bring the plan to life. At Campbell, we understand that our people are as important as our tools, and we value management skills as much as we do technical skills in a CTO.

Drawing on my experience in both applications and management, I empower my team to gather and share technical knowledge with our leadership team, the function and the broader organization, acting as both students and teachers of IT. For example, we develop formal road maps, conduct regular meetings with our vendors, and share articles on trends and hot topics.

Joe and I are fortunate to have built a strong relationship based on mutual understanding of each other's objectives and the challenges we face in our respective roles, which leads to easy agreement on key decisions. And he and I balance each other out--he is the forward-thinking visionary, while I am the practical realist. That combination helps us craft solutions that connect our 19,000 employees to each other, our customers and our partners.

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