by Jim Lynch

Why I love Blizzard’s WOW Legion companion app for the iPhone and iPad

Sep 07, 2016

Blizzard has released a terrific iOS companion app for its World of Warcraft Legion expansion. If you're playing Legion in WOW, you should get this app right away.

For the last few days I have been enmeshed in Blizzard’s awesome Legion expansion for World of Warcraft. I hadn’t played WOW in years but I hopped back into the game a couple of weeks before the Legion expansion came out and so far it has been the best World of Warcraft expansion yet.

So I was very pleased to discover that Blizzard had also released a free Legion companion app for the iPhone and iPad. I had no idea Blizzard was working on such an app, and after hearing about it I wondered how useful it might be for WOW gamers.

I downloaded the app yesterday and Blizzard definitely did not disappoint me. I’ve found the app to be extremely useful by letting me manage certain functions of the game on my iPhone or iPad.

No, you cannot play the entire World of Warcraft Legion expansion on your iOS device. But you can do certain things such as managing your Class Hall Missions, browsing World Quests, and managing your Order Hall progress.

The app is broken into four tabs at the bottom of the screen:



World Map




Tapping on the Missions button will let you see Class Order Hall missions that are available or in progress.

If a mission is available you can tap on it to choose your Champions and Troops, and to see details on what loot it offers and how long the mission will take. You can also see your chance of finishing it successfully and the resource cost of the mission.

If you’ve already sent your Champions and Troops on a mission, you can see how much longer it will take for them to finish it. You can also see what you’ll get if they finish it successfully.

I must admit that I was blown away by the ability to manage missions on my iPhone and iPad. I noticed after I started playing Legion that I’d log into WOW just to check the status of a mission. But now I don’t have to do that at all, I can just open the app and see what’s available and the status of my current missions.

This is a big time-saver and it’s great to be able to manage missions when I’m nowhere near my iMac. For example, I’m doing the Powering the Portal quest now to get 10 Shard of Nightmare and it’s nice to be able to complete the quest then get it started again so I can finish it up once and for all (you only get one shard for each mission, so you have to run it ten times).

And yes, you will be notified (if you opt to allow the app permission to notify you) when each mission completes. Thus you don’t even have to check the app, it will let you know once a mission is complete so you can start another one right away.

wow legion expansion app ios missions


In Legion you have to recruit troops to accompany your Champions on their missions. In the actual game you have to run up a hill in the Druid Class Hall (assuming you are playing a druid like I am) and then talk to a couple of different NPCs to recruit Dreamgrove Treants and Druids of the Claw.

Thanks to the Legion app, you no longer have to bother running up that hill in the Druid Class Hall. You can manage all of your recruiting right from the Legion companion app.

It might sound silly, but I was happy not to have to bother talking to the NPCs in the game to do my recruiting. It’s just one ongoing task that I don’t have to bother with now since I can do it on my iPhone and iPad. That lets me focus my game time on doing quests and PVP.

wow legion expansion app ios recruit

The World Map

World Quests are one of the most important activities for players to engage in while playing the Legion expansion. These quests allow players to accumulate gold, resources, artifact power, and valuable items.

The Legion companion app lets you quickly browser through all of the available World Quests in each area. Just tap on the region you want to view and you can scroll around to see each World Quest available in that area.

If you tap on the World Quest you can see the time remaining to do it, the quest requirements and what you’ll get if you finish the quest. The World Map also lets you see missions that you’ve sent your Champions and Toops on.

I found that I really liked being to browse the available World Quests on my iPhone and iPad. These quests change daily, so you never know which ones will show up on the map. Being able to pick up my phone and see them made it easier for me to decide which ones to do when I actually loaded the game on my iMac.

One thing I’d like to see Blizzard add is the ability to mark the quests players want to do in a future app. Perhaps some sort of World Quest “to-do” list would work well. I’m not sure how Blizzard would set that up, but it could add real value to the Legion companion app.

wow legion expansion app ios world map


The Followers button lets you see all of your Champions and Troops, including Champions that you’ve marked as inactive in the game.

If you tap on a Champion or Troop, you can see their abilities so you know what they have to offer if they are sent on a mission.You can also see their level and iLvl, as well as their current status.

wow legion expansion app ios followers


The Research button lets you upgrade your Order Hall or change upgrades that you’ve already chosen. You can also see the status of an upgrade that is in progress. By tapping on the upgrade, you can see how much time remains until it is complete.

Upgrades take days sometimes, so I probably won’t be tapping on the Research button too often, but I’m still glad it’s there. It’s one less thing I have to bother checking while actually playing World of Warcraft.

wow legion expansion app ios research

Thanks for the WOW Legion companion app, Blizzard!

Blizzard has done a terrific job on the Legion companion app, it adds real value for any World of Warcraft player by letting them stay in touch with the game even when they aren’t near their computer. It’s fantastically convenient to be able to get Legion notifications on my iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

The Legion app eliminates some of the tedious in-game tasks by making it faster and easier to manage them on an iPhone or iPad. After using the app, I no longer feel the need to hang around the Druid Class Hall (though I still love its amazing scenery).

As good as the Legion companion app is in its first iteration, I suspect Blizzard will make it even better in the future. I look forward to seeing improvements in future versions of the app.

I’ll leave you with this great video overview of what the Legion companion app has to offer:

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