How to Block Annoying Political Posts on Facebook

Tired of the political flame wars that pop up in your Facebook News Feed? Here's a Google Chrome extension that deletes them from sight.

If you hate babies, there's an extension that wipes your Facebook news feed clean of them (replacing those pictures with bacon). Hate political back-and-forths on Facebook? There's an extension that deletes those, too.

With the political season in overdrive, you've probably seen heated debates among your Facebook friends over Romney versus Obama or other political issues. If you've had enough, there's a Google Chrome extension that promises to add neutrality to your news feed.

F.B. Purity is a customizable extension that offers more than 40 ways to hide content and personalize the look of your Facebook news feed. It also includes a separate section where you can enter in specific words and phrases that you want the extension to hide.

To download the extension, visit its install page and follow the drag-and-drop instructions for completing the download. To check that it downloaded properly, visit your Facebook page. You should notice a new set of options below your status update bar:


To hide political posts from your page, you need to edit the extension's settings. On your Facebook page, click the "F.B. Purity" hyperlinked text below your update status bar. This will open the settings page, where you can choose which features you want to hide: anything from Facebook's trending articles, to relationship status changes to even the Ticker.

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From this page, you can also create a customized list of phrases you want to hide from your news feed. The "Custom Text Filter" is next to the check-box items—this is where you add words and phrases such as "Romney," "Obama," "campaign," "president," "policy," "primary" and so on.

When you're done making changes to the extension's permissions, click "Save and Close" and refresh your browser to see your newly customized news feed.

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